Excalon strives to undertake all works with an innovative approach.

At Excalon we have a culture which encourages all management and operational staff to always consider options, think creatively and freely with a view to providing innovative, safe, workable and sustainable practices and solutions to any problems encountered in undertaking infrastructure work.

As one of our main priorities we always strive to provide innovative practices.

Such practices are vital to overcome complications such as those evident in City Centre locations, where complex issues are encountered e.g.:

  • Areas of archeological interest
  • Conservation/heritage areas
  • High density populations/heavy footfall
  • Busy retail/restaurant/shopping areas, where businesses cannot endure interruptions to trading.

We have a people focused approach, working collaboratively with all interested parties including our clients, the local authorities, local businesses, the public and others to ensure that the works are undertaken efficiently and safely with appropriate resources, plant and machinery so everyday working life and the works can continue without disruption.

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