Excalon’s Wellbeing Framework

Our team of Mental Health first aiders signpost those suffering common mental health crisis towards appropriate treatment including structured counselling programmes

Health & Safety

Prioritising Safety

Safety & Wellbeing in the Workplace

Arrive Safe - Think Safe
Work Safe - Leave Safe

Health Surveillance

Monitoring Health

Protecting our employees through a system of ongoing health checks

Occupational Health

Keeping Healthy

Keeping our people healthy and well at work throughout the employee lifecycle

Employee Assistance Programme

Family Health

Provision of a 24 Hour confidential helpline to help our employees deal with personal problems

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Wellbeing

Our team of Mental Health first aiders signpost our colleagues to appropriate treatment including face to face counselling

First Aid

Medical Emergencies

Our team of First Aiders and AED Trained colleagues provide emergency first aid and Cardipulmonary Resusciatation should a medical emergency happen

Winter Wellness

Flu Prevention

Provision of Flu Vaccination Vouchers

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